Sorter Conveyor Manufacturer in India

Sliding shoe sorters are a high-speed solution for a variety of products, including those found in e-commerce, warehousing, and parcel industries.

  • High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorters

    Sparkline Manufactures & Supplies a wide range of Sliding Shoe Sorters with different configuration as per customer's requirements.

    Shoe sorters can be used in applications where their is a wide variety of products sizes, shapes and weights being sorted. When a product is fragile or get easily damaged and requires a smooth and gentle movement from the sorter to the takeaway lane our excellent sortation choice technique makes sure that it gets sorted intelligently.

  • Product Introduction

    Components of a sortation system:

    Sorting systems provide six key performances:

    • Merges and conveyors facilitate a steady flow of goods by a continuous feed of items and staging
    • Induction sub-systems minimize gaps between items and maximize the flow of goods onto the sorter
    • The sorter – sorter speed could be modified in accordance to the throughput requirement
    • Chutes to consolidate the order and/or accumulate the items per destination
    • Take-away conveyors to move goods away from the sorter to other systems’ areas
    • Controls track items and ensure smooth delivery and sorting of goods
  • Product Features

    Gentle Sortation

    The products are gently diverted to the outlets by special ABS shoes

    High sorting efficiency

    Under the condition of speed 150 M/Min., minimum length of goods conveyed 200 mm and 600 mm distance between products, the maximum sorting capacity can also be calculated by formula Q = [V/(L+S)]*60. Q = is the capacity per hour V = Conveying Speed L = average Length of cases S = Space between the cases.

    Quiet sortation

    Noise level about 73 db (under the sorting speed 100m/min.)

    Advance mech. Function and more durable

    The shoes slide across the slats, the distance between the shoes, guide rails, and conveyors is well designed to ensure stable operation. Sorter is equipped with diagnostic system to monitor operating conditions.

    Wide range of package type and size

    Product weight 30 Kg. (for ASM), no limit of package size, all parcel, long articles , small items and thin objects (such as envelop and books) can be accurately diverted.

    Proven technology with 2 years warranty Advance mech. Function and more durable

    Proven technology which manufactured locally operated with reliable control systems Customized design to achieve customers sortation need. We commit 2 year warranty.

  • Product Specifications

  • Suitable shapes for sorting

  • Suitable shapes for sorting