Spiral Conveyor

Product Introduction

  • Spiral Conveyor can handle most conveyable products including Bags, Bundles, Totes, Trays, Pales, Cans, Bottles (Mass-Flow), Containers, Wrapped and unwrapped items
  • Frequently used as Elevator or lowerators in packaging line
  • Ideal for cold storage and freezer operations.
  • Spiral Conveyor are also very attractive as continuous lifts between floors in multiple order packing systems or application with limited space and a need for high reliability.

Product Features

  • Overlapping slats provide a smooth efficient conveying surface suitable for a wide variety of load types and sizes
  • The standard slats are made of a fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate
  • Slats approved for food handing are available.
  • The slats can also be furnished with friction inserts to accommodate slick products such as plastic totes or frozen items
  • The standard angle of incline I between 8 and 12 degree which safeguards against loaders sliding or tumbling during operation.
  • Only one drive motor, even for units several stories tall
  • The spiral convey loads up or down in continuous flow, there by the facility high throughput.
  • An innovative chain slat arrangement facilitated low friction operation
  • All spirals are equipped with an automatic chain tensioning device and built-in overload protection.

Product Specification

  • Capacity : up to 50 Kg.
  • Max Height : Up to 10 Mtr.
  • Max Width : 650
  • Conveying Speed – 60 m/min
  • Control : Completely Auto
  • Infeed/Outfeed conveyor are selected to best suit the transport goods, including Roller, Belt, Chain or Slat Conveyor