Telescopic Belt Conveyor Manufacturers and Suppliers In India

Sparkline Manufactures & Supplies a wide range of Telescopic Belt Conveyor with different configuration as per customer requirements.

  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor

    We are involved in offering a wide range of Telescopic Belt Conveyor to our esteemed clients. Our range of Telescopic Belt Conveyor is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all around the nation.

    Telescopic Belt Conveyors are widely popular among our clients as these are applicable in continuous tilted transportation of bulk material in coal mine, port and coal washers.

  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor

    Product Concept

    • Telescopic belt conveyor is new type of belt conveyor which is applied with telescopic mechanism and is capable of expanding its length horizontally
    • Application : Loading/Unloading and Material Handling system.
    • The telescopic belt conveyor significantly improve working efficiency by shorting handing distance, reducing goods loading time and diminishing damages during handing process
    • It is also cost-efficient because it decrease labor intensity and loading cost
    • The telescopic belt conveyor along with other conveyor and material handing system ensure your automatic manufacturing and intralogistics solution.
    • Equipment features
    • Flexible conveyor length : simply press button to stretch length
  • Product Introduction

    • The Fixed type telescopic belt conveyor can expands its length horizontally
    • Its widely used in logistic, distribution center post express industry, tire industry, E-commerce industry and tobacco industry
    • Package type : carton, bags, tires, baggage, parcels
    • The fixed type telescopic belt conveyor should be fixed on loading platform
    • Rated capacity : 50 Kg./m2
    • Customized surface color
    • Customized surface color
    • Belt type : Plastic chain belt, rubber, chemical fiber, enhanced PVC
    • All the material are oil resistant , wear resistant and cut resistant

    Remarks : the above specifications are only our company specifications. If you have other special specifications and sizes, pls. contact our sales representative.